features of keyboards of gaming pc

Features of keyboards: here’s what you should know

Let’s go over what the main features of keyboards are. In addition, I’ll briefly explain some terms you might find by consulting the technical specifications.

The phenomenon of ghosting 

Ghosting is a phenomenon that occurs mostly on cheap keyboards. It occurs when two keys are pressed at the same time, but the PC gets three inputs instead of two (thus an unwanted ghost input). For example, several keys are clicked at the same timeand the keyboard circuitry, due to a physical limitation, fails to carry out all the commands pressed.

To the detriment of gaming

The internal structure of the keyboard identifies each individual key present. When there are too many active columns and rows, the keyboard cannot recognize the keys pressed. Ghosting is very bad for gaming. For this reason, mechanical keyboards have a special anti-ghosting technology that guarantees a solution to this problem.

Key bouncing 

Let’s look at the last of the features of keyboards to know about. Key bouncing is the time it takes to be able to click a key again. If, for example, you have to press the same key twice, before you can press it a second time. You have to wait the time it takes for the key to rise and click again. In mechanical keyboards 1.4116 stainless steel equivalent the minimum time to wait for the second press of the same key can be as short as 1ms.

Freely excerpted and translated from https://www.assemblarepconline.it/blog/come-scegliere-tastiera-pc/

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